Fusion Fight Gear is now the official sponsor of the UFC!

After months of back and forth negotiations, we are pleased to announce to our fans and followers that Fusion Fight Gear has been selected to become the new face of the UFC when the Reebok sponsorship agreement expires at the end of 2019.

Happy April Fools!

Dana White announcing the UFC sponsorship agreement with Fusion FG

Just what exactly are Spats?

What are Spats?

Us BJJ players refer to our grappling tights and leggings as “spats”.

For the unititated (non-BJJ world), the term “spats” is relatively foreign. Outside the BJJ world, spats are more commonly referred to as tights, leggings, yoga pants, or even compression pants. The brand name Spanx is also thrown around from time to time. We have Lululemon to thank for making leggings an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, and WWE to thank for making it OK for men to wear them (think 1980’s wrestlers such as Macho Man, Rick Rude, Jake the Snake, etc.)

Where exactly did the term “Spats” come from?

Spats are simply a shortened version of the word “spatterdashes”. Spats were primarily worn by men in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to protect your shoes and socks from the mud and rain (and also horse dung), as well as being a fasion accessory. They fell out of fashion in the 1920’s, but up until that time were the hip thing for the upper classes. They were also super practical as up until that time streets were full of crap…literally, from the horses and carts that people cruised around in. It wasn’t until the 20’s that streets started being paved to make way for the cars that were by then being produced, and spats weren’t really needed to keep your shoes clean anymore. Today they are generally only worn as protective equipement for factory workers, and as part of Military uniforms in certain countries.

Some notable spats wearing celebrities;

Babar the Elephant

Hercule Poirot

The Monopoly Man

Scrooge McDuck

Chief Weasel Smart Ass from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Batman’s arch rival the Penguin

We wouldn’t make this stuff up…check Wikipedia if you think we’re lying 🙂

How exactly did spatterdashes become synonymous with MMA and BJJ grappling tights? If you have any ideas here, please let us know where we can find this missing link!


It’s the Christmas holidays and I’m at home, avoiding responsibility, watching It’s a Wonderful Life; my one and only Christmas tradition. Each and every year I watch George Bailey fight through adversity,  and I am always re-inspired by his hustle. Seriously, by 19, George was the CEO of his own financial institution. At 19, I was the CEO of acne and a bad attitude.

So here I am, drinking Scotch by myself, (which I’m totally ok with) CEO of the same acne, although I lost the attitude portfolio, thankfully, wondering where I went wrong?

So I poured myself another glass and set out figuring out how to be more like George, hopefully before my motivation (aka Scotch) ran out. Luckily for me, it’s a big bottle.  I’ll be honest, it took me a few refills to come up with an game plan, but I did, and it starts here:

“I am going to write more for the company blog”   *awaits applause*  (Spoiler alert: Nobody clapped)  

There is no guarantee that the I’m going to write anything of value, but since it’s likely only my mom reading this, (Hi mom) what do I have to lose?

Besides, who doesn’t like drinking out of a Batman glass…Stay classy Fusion FG.


First, let me say, that we are insanely thankful to each and every one of our customers for their crazy support over the last 18 months. I know, every company says the same thing. But we all mean it. There are a lot of athletic leggings and rashguards on the market, especially in the incredibly competitive worlds of BJJ and Yoga, so thank you for wearing ours. Honestly and from the bottom of our nerdy hearts. It’s a rarity to be able to contribute in a meaningful way, to a project you’re passionate about, and to call it work.  We get too because of you, so thank you all, truly.

Ok, enough of that, I’m getting misty eyed.  Drunk? (Please feel free to take this moment to fill your  glass along with me, I promise it will make reading this post more bearable)

There as been a ton going on over the last few months at Fusion HQ, too much to cover in one sitting. Maybe in light of the fact that 2016 is coming to an end, I’ll chat a little about one of my favourite moments of the year:  The launch our line of Women’s Athletic leggings.

Our leggings have been in the works since the companies inception, but it took some time to approve designs and products with our licensors. We also spent an inordinate amount of time designing the leggings themselves, trying to ensure that we gave your legs the finest technical material, the right blend, and the snuggest fit. We designed our women’s line with a high waistband and crotch gussets for a comfortable fit and look. Both of which compliment our unique weave that ensures they are nearly opaque. What I mean, is that regardless of your activity, Jiu-Jitsu, yoga, CrossFit, OCR, running or lounging on your couch, nobody is going to see what you are, or are not, wearing underneath. Not all yoga pants are created equal. If you’re wearing hot pink underpants under white leggings, I can’t guarantee that the colour isn’t going to be a slightly visible, especially in the middle of a Berimbolo or a Happy Baby Pose…but what I can promise, is that you’ll look seriously awesome while doing it; because let’s be real, neither of those are flattering poses.

Enough about butt’s, more about tights.


We introduced our line with a classic heroine, Street Fighters Chun-Li. She and Cammy basically fend off a entire group of super jacked, amped up, mansplaining Alfa-douches, and, depending on how good you were at the game, lived to tell their story. Who wouldn’t want to rep that fast-kicking, fireball throwing badass?


Street Fighter Chun Li spats left leg


“But Chun-Li, check out how flexible I am…”

“You want to see my Kung Fu?  I’ll show you”   *Chun-Li Spinning Bird kicks Dhalism in the head*


We followed up our Chun-Li leggings with another fearsome femme fatal…(ok, I don’t know if she actually ever killed anybody, but I liked the alliteration) The mother of all good, Queen of Etheria, twin sister to He-Man, vanquisher of the Evil Horde, wielder of the Sword of Protection, the Princess of Power herself, She-Ra!!


She Ra spats right angle


If your reaction was “ahhh, who? “ you were likely born after 1990.  However, it is never to late to get educated on one of the finest do-gooder cartoons ever created.


Then came the kick-ass-women-of DC Comics-leggings-invasion-spectacular.  Better know as TKAWODCCLIS. Fine, nobody ever called it that, but now it’s a thing, because I said so. The often referred and well know TKAWODCCLIS, included some the finest heroines DC Comic had to offer.  We kicked off the launch with our much-anticipated Wonder Woman costume leggings, followed by a simultaneous release of the Batman Crime Fighter and Joker Fearless leggings.


All you’re missing to truly become Wonder Woman is a Lasso of Truth! And an invisible plane…and the whole descendant of the God’s thing… you’re almost there!!!


Wonder Woman spats right angle


Batman Crime Fighter Leggings:  Batman and Cat Woman cleaning up the mean streets of Gotham using their Jiu-Jitsu….


Batman Crime Fighter Womens spats left angle


The Joker Fearless Legging:  “Hahaha, I don’t want to kill you Batman, what would I do without you, go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, No! You, you, complete me”


The Joker Fearless Womens Spats right side


Most recently, we released our Harley Quinn Bombshell leggings, which we have been quite literally, dying to bring to market.   (DISCLAIMER- Nobody actually died or was injured in the process of releasing these leggings…Ok, so I tried a pair of smalls on for kicks, and it nearly cut off the blood flow to the rest of my body.  So other than me, our work-safe records remains unblemished)




So, do you want to know about one of our 2017 leggings releases…? I know I said I was just going to talk about the highlights of 2016, but I lied. Sorry. But you’ll be happy I did, because I have a secret and I can’t keep it in any longer. And it’s big. Or at least it’s big in my world.

In early January 2017 we are going to launch a Women’s legging version of our best selling design…The Killing Joke. (A collective gasp was heard across the lands…hopefully?)


Batman the Killing Joke womens spats left side

What more can I say about Brian Bolland’s insanely iconic art?   I think the Joker said it best,  “Madness is the emergency exit”

2017 will also bring some other new lines to our roster, Master of The Universe BJJ spats and rashgaurd combos, some amazing TMNT sets for both our adult and kids rashguard lines and a couple new limited release BJJ Gi’s that I’m incredibly excited for.

Anyway, that pretty much wraps up this longwinded post, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as have I enjoyed drinking scotch.

Until next time…I promise it won’t be so long.



Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? Who do you think? Of course, it’s the one and only Spongebob Squarepants! Since being introduced to the world in the 90’s by creator Stephen Hillenburg, Spongebob has gone on to become a global icon, immediately recognizable to almost anyone who has ever owned a TV!

Coming very soon, kids Rashguards!


Spongebob Karate

Why do we love Ryu from Street Fighter?

Why do we love Street Figher’s Ryu? Is it because of his character backstory? His moveset? Or is it simply because he’s the unofficial mascot of our favorite game?

Ryu is one of the most well-known characters from the Street Fighter universe. He is silent and humble, deadly but honorable. Ryu wanders the earth in search of worthy battles, allowing him to improve himself and master his martial art. Perhaps we like Ryu because he embodies what we desire most: balance and drive.

Street Fighter II - Ryu

In the official artwork, Ryu wears a belt with the four kanji for Wind, Wood, Fire and Mountain emblazoned on his belt. These symbols reference Sun Tsu’s quote from the Art of War regarding how one should conduct battle:

“As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain.” – Sun Tzu

Ryu’s character completely embodies balance. His honorable, humble approach to martial art is counterbalanced with his darker side- the Satsui no Hado (or, “surge of murderous intent”). His fighting style in the game balances close combat along with his signature move: the long-range Hadoken. His humble demeanor is contrasted with his dominating fighting presence.

Balance is strength, especially in the martial arts. You have to switch between fire and ice, offence and defence, in order to outmatch your opponent. It’s not a matter of fast or strong. It’s a matter of fast AND strong. When you dominate early in the match, you should also dominate it late. The ability to quickly switch between offensive or defensive-these are traits of master fighters and expert gamers.

You may love the design. You may love his will. But it’s ultimately his core values that make Ryu the badass that he is. His constant drive to improve, coupled with his rock-solid fundamentals, is why we should all aim to be like Ryu!

Street Fighter RyuRyu Hadoken

Officially licensed Ryu rashguards are only available from Fusion Fight Gear. Get yours today! You can visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date news on promos and events.





Top Fighting Cosplays From Vancouver FanExpo!

Like the true nerds we are, we took the time to visit Vancouver’s own comic convention back in April. We were so excited that we literally snapped hundreds of pictures at the event (when we weren’t busy looking through the cool vendors)! Here are some of our favourite fighting cosplays and their fight gear from the event!

Street Fighter – Ken

Ken - Street Fighter

We legitimately approached this friendly fighter by tapping him on the shoulder and asking: HOW’D YOU DO, KEN? After a friendly exchange and a couple of laughs, he agreed to let us snap a picture of his fighting pose. Was he Ken? SURE, YOU’RE KEN!

Mortal Kombat – SubZero and Scorpion

SubZero + Scorpion, Front Profile

These. Two. Are. AWESOME! The SubZero cosplay was set up to breathe frozen mist out of his mouthguard, while the Scorpion had an amazing chain prop! Even after being swarmed by a horde of fans, these two were cool enough (pardon the pun) to let us take a picture of their suits in action.

Mortal Kombat – Raiden

Raiden2 - Mortal Kombat

We ran into this guy no less than 3 times over the course of the convention – needless to say he’s been busy using his teleportation tricks! Raiden is arguably the strongest protector of Earthrealm, and we can see why! Who worries when you’re the eternal God of Thunder, chock full of teleportation and electricity-based powers?

Mortal Kombat – Liu Kang

Liu Kang - Mortal Kombat

One of Earthrealm’s greatest warriors, Liu Kang is a force to be reckoned with! This Liu Kang was friendly enough to let us snap a quick picture at the entrance to the event. We’re just glad he didn’t decide to snap our backs with a Flying/Dragon Kick!



Clearly, this man has the power! He’s got the costume, the character, and the style to pull off the Master of the Universe himself! You clearly don’t want to mess with Prince Adam, the protector of Eternia!

And there you have it-five of our favourite fighting cosplays from FanExpo Vancouver! We’re a nerdy bunch and we’re not afraid to show it. Check out of Facebook page for frequent updates, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what we’re up to live!