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Superman BJJ gis, rashguards, spats, and shorts. All officially licensed!


Superman, an American Cultural icon, first introduced us to what a superhero was when he made his debut in Action Comics # 1 in 1938. He was the very first to don a cape, to wear boots, to have a shield pronounced prominently on his chest, and to wear his underwear on the OUTSIDE of his pants. Prior to Supes, everyone wore their underwear on the inside…crazy!!!!

The Superman (as he was originally known) was created by Jerry Siegel, and Joel Shuster, buddies going to high school and living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Superman invented the modern day superhero, and popularized comic books in the early 1940’s. The story of the planet Krypton, Clark Kent, Lois Lane the Daily Planet in Metropolis, and his arch nemesis Lex Luthor is more like our history than mythology now.

IGN labeled Superman the #1 comic book hero of all time, and we can’t really argue with them.