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Fight Your Fight!

Where the worlds of Fitness/ BJJ apparel and your favorite officially licensed pop-culture brands meet.


Stand out!

Who says that athletes can’t also be total nerds? Can’t sweat from the gym and Kryptonite mix? Fusion FG was created for guys and gals who are into gettin’ fit, but also happen to enjoy watching super-hero movies, collecting toys, or reading a graphic novel after a Saturday afternoon training session.

We offer officially licensed BJJ Gis, BJJ Gear, Rash Guards, Spats, Super Hero leggings, compression shirts, compression pants, shorts, and more! Shop our extensive line of Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s fitness gear today!


Fusion Fight Gear was created by a couple of pop-culture crazed Fitness and BJJ enthusiasts.

Our gear is super strong to withstand the strains of grappling, but perfect for yoga, OCR, cross-fit, surfing, hockey, running, or wearing to the gym.

If you’ve ever wanted to stand out in a sea of sameness, then you’ve come to the right place!

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