CBD for BJJ athletes

What’s with all of the hype these days surrounding CBD, and how can it help me as a BJJ athlete?

Well, with Cannabidiol (CBD) now being legal in many US States, as well as in Canada, the market for CBD products is literally exploding! And with the passage of the US 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, Hemp is now well on it’s way to becoming legal on a Federal level as well.

While that’s all well and good, the question remains “what exactly will it do for me?” CBD products have been very popular in the Fitness, MMA, and BJJ communities for a few years now, but are really becoming more and more mainstream each and every day.

Unfortunately the amount of clinical studies on CBD remains quite low, but that is starting to change.

The main arguments for CBD usage for athletics are to deal with pain and inflammation. Inflammation can cause all sorts of issues, and sometimes makes it impossible for athletes to train.

Recently a research team at McGill University found that low doses of CBD in animals alleviated both pain and anxiety, without the side effects of THC. These results were published in the journal PAIN.

Good news for sure, but more studies are required before any substantial claims can be made.

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