Fusion Fight Gear Star Trek Mr Spock BJJ Gi- White (RETIRED)

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The first limited edition Jiu Jitsu Gi in the Fusion Fight Gear officially licensed Star Trek collection, based on everyone's favorite Vulcan, Mr. Spock.

We figured that Mr Spock deserved his very own BJJ Gi. Not only because he is half Vulcan, but because he used logic and reasoning to defeat his enemies. Sure, he had the Vulcan death grip and was able to mind meld, but he was generally able to outwit his opponents, which is critical to Jiu- Jitsu as well.

Limited to only 300 highly collectible pieces, this officially licensed Fusion Fight Gear BJJ gi features;

The Sciences delta shield embroidered right into the lapel.

Vulcan scripture embroidered on the lower leg (shin). Don’t ask us what it says because we don’t read Vulcan.

The IDIC symbol embroidered into the left upper arm which is an acronym for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, the basis of Vulcan philosophy, celebrating the vast array of variables in the universe. Spock can be seen wearing one of these in the episode "Is there in truth no beauty?" This version of the IDIC was designed by Mike Okuda, the long time set graphic artist for Star Trek, but this is the first time that they have ever been used.

A logo of the Vulcan Salute first seen in the Classic Episode "Amok Time" on the right other upper arm, embroidered into the material.

A printed inner neck lining in the shoulder area to provide more comfort while rolling. This lining is made of a sublimation printed mesh material, and is great for wicking moisture away from the body.

A collectible Spock Gi carry bag.

Other features of the Gi include;

A thick, corded drawstring and thick, reinforced belt loops

Super comfortable 300 gsm double twill pants. Feels like wearing PJ's.

Sturdy yet lightweight 550 gsm white Japanese weave jacket

High-stress areas are triple-stitched with heavy threads

Knee reinforcements

We made the sleeves slightly longer than most gis by an inch. The gi is pre-shrunk, but please remember that it will still shrink slightly if you wash it in hot and throw it in the dryer...not recommended unless you need to as this will not help prolong the life of your gi.

Please note that the pants are also slightly longer than conventional BJJ pants. We've added about an inch to sizes A1/ A2, and about 2 inches to sizes A3/A4. We did this simply because our # 1 beef with most gis is that the pants look like jammers…not that we don't like jammers, but we don't want to wear them on the mats :) If your legs are on the "shorter" side, you may want to shrink them by washing in hot, and then using the dryer on low heat. This should shorten the pants by 1-2 inches.

Limited to only 300 highly collectible pieces. Each piece will come individually numbered. Once they have sold out, this BJJ gi will be retired.

Issue # 2 in the Fusion FG officially licensed BJJ Gi collection