Never Tie Kids BJJ Belt- White

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The Never Tie BJJ Belt was born from a common problem that all martial arts instructors have; kids not being ready for class because they can't tie up their BJJ belts! This leads to major frustrations as the classes start late, and the instructors end up having to re-tie the belts every few minutes instead of teaching the kids!

From such a simple problem, this solution was created!

The Never Tie BJJ Belt won’t ever take the place of a traditional Kids BJJ belt, and doesn’t have to, however it  offers an alternative… If we didn’t offer alternatives, we would all still be using only cloth diapers for our babies, and training on old straw mats… The NEVER-TIE BELT could  be offered in every beginner Kids BJJ program to ignite the spark in a child for the sport, to hopefully turn this spark into  a life-long passion for martial arts!

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